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Anti-fouling SERVICE


Our  company has nearly 20 years'experience in antifouling paint, can provide customers with strong technical advice, raw materials, formula, antifouling paint, painting the whole process of service.

1. Wide range of applicable sea areas: offshore and oceangoing waters.

2. Wide range of covered ships: wooden ships, iron ships and steel ships, fiberglass ships, yachts, bulk carriers, VLCC, oil tankers, etc

3. Environmental protection advantages: Tin-free self-polishing environmental protection antifouling paint, which does not contain any prohibited raw materials, complies with the requirements of domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations.

4. Cost advantage: The main raw materials are zinc acrylic self-polishing resin, silyl acrylic self-polishing resin and copper acrylic self-polishing resin produced by the company.Also we provide cost-effective raw materials for AF paints.

5, Antifouling paint duration: 1 to 5 years or longer.

6. Many years and many examples show  Good anti-fouling performance.

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